Oliveboard’s Best Seller Combo Pack HighlightsThis set of 3 books will provide a complete package for preparation for both prelims & mains level examinations. Latest pattern based questions of Puzzles, Data Interpretation, and complete Reasoning. Along with solved examples and exam tips, all the books contain questions for practice with well detailed solutions.This special pack includes Absolute Reasoning, Puzzle Mania, and Data Interpretation – the three best selling books by Oliveboard that cover key topics in quant, reasoning, puzzles and seating arrangements.Key FeaturesAbsolute Reasoning Book starts with the basics of reasoning and moves on to cover more difficult topics such as Puzzles and Arrangement, Logical Reasoning, Critical Reasoning, Computer Aptitude and Data Sufficiency.Puzzle Mania covers various types of puzzles, including logic puzzles, number puzzles, and word puzzles.Data Interpretation covers topics such as pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and tables. It also includes practice questions to help students hone their skills.

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Price : INR 2199