Indore, a vibrant and growing city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, offers a variety of job opportunities for 12th pass candidates. While it’s essential to keep in mind that the availability of jobs can change over time, here are some common job opportunities for individuals who have completed their 12th grade education in Indore:

12 th pass jobs in Indore:

  1. Data Entry Operator: Data entry jobs are prevalent in Indore. These positions require candidates to enter data into computer systems and maintain records. Companies often hire data entry operators for various administrative tasks.
  2. Customer Service Representative: Customer service jobs, both in-person and call center roles, are available in the city. These roles involve assisting customers, addressing inquiries, and providing support.
  3. Sales Executive: Sales jobs are abundant in Indore. Whether it’s selling products, services, or working as a retail salesperson, there are opportunities for 12th pass candidates to work in sales and marketing.
  4. Delivery Drivers: Delivery services are growing in Indore, and companies like Swiggy, Zomato, and Amazon hire delivery executives. Having a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler is often necessary for these positions.
  5. Office Assistant/Receptionist: Many offices, businesses, and clinics hire office assistants or receptionists. These roles involve managing appointments, handling administrative tasks, and welcoming visitors.
  6. Data Analyst: Some entry-level data analysis positions may be available for candidates with basic computer skills. These positions typically involve working with data in spreadsheets and databases.
  7. Retail Jobs: Department stores, supermarkets, and retail outlets frequently hire 12th pass candidates for roles such as cashiers, sales associates, and stock clerks.
  8. Security Guard: Some security agencies hire 12th pass candidates to work as security guards. You may need to obtain the necessary security licenses and undergo training.
  9. Delivery Partners: Apart from food delivery services, opportunities may exist with courier and logistics companies. These positions involve delivering packages and documents.
  10. Call Center Jobs: BPOs and call centers offer opportunities for customer service representatives and telemarketers. These roles often provide on-the-job training.
  11. Computer Operator: Some organizations hire computer operators to handle basic computer tasks and data entry. Proficiency in basic computer applications is typically required.
  12. Telemarketing and Telecalling: Telecalling jobs, where candidates make outbound calls for marketing or customer service, are available in various industries.
  13. Content Writing/ Blogging: If you have good writing skills, you can explore opportunities as a content writer, blogger, or freelance writer. Content writing may be done remotely.
  14. Freelancing: Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer offer freelancing opportunities in various fields, including graphic design, web development, and content creation.
  15. Government Jobs: Keep an eye on government job notifications and exams for 12th pass candidates in Madhya Pradesh. Government jobs often have competitive exams and selection processes.

To find job opportunities in Indore, you can:

  • Check online job portals like, Indeed, Shine, and Monster.
  • Visit local employment agencies.
  • Browse newspaper classified ads for job openings.
  • Network with people in your community who might know of local job opportunities.
  • Contact companies directly to inquire about job openings.

Remember to regularly check online job portals, newspapers, and company websites for job listings in Indore. Networking with local employment agencies and job fairs can also help you discover job opportunities that match your skills and interests. Additionally, consider upskilling or pursuing higher education to increase your long-term career prospects.